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New York : Broadway Books, 2004.

Fabulous! Overview

Defining "gay perspective" is no easy task, but Don Reuter has created a star-studded new tribute to the Hollywood moments that give gay culture its own saucy language. Collecting the most memorable one-liners, gender benders, tear jerkers, nail biters, and heart stoppers from the world's most celebrated picture shows, Fabulous! is a campy, fun-filled companion to gay cinema. More than two hundred films are covered, from classics like All About Eve and Breakfast at Tiffany's to newer films such as Moulin Rouge and Boogie Nights, many of them accompanied by screen stills and snippets of dialogue that readers will know by heart. Dozens of selections include in-depth commentary featuring fun facts, vivid plot summaries, and a witty rundown of reasons for the movie's gay appeal. Reuter also lists the "gayest" television movies, music videos, performers, and directors, along with tips for throwing a perfect Oscar party. A special gift for silver screen swooners, Fabulous! is the absolute source for all things gay in cinema.

Fabulous! Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly

Reuter's arch and breezy treatise on what makes a film a queer favorite runs the gamut of the gay de rigueur, from superb classics like Judy Garland's The Wizard of Oz and Liza Minnelli's Cabaret to the camp car wrecks Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? and Valley of the Dolls. Reuter (Gaydar) explains what makes one film "homo-centric" and another hopelessly hetero (e.g., Double Indemnity gets the gay thumbs up, but Casablanca doesn't pass the litmus); actors, dialogue and plot all create homo or hetero tensions. He also amusingly delineates guidelines for decoding gay sensibility encoded in otherwise straight films such as Dr. Zhivago and The Way We Were. Themes of isolation and feeling different-which, for Reuter, define a gay-friendly film-are imbedded in nearly all of the 75 movies described here (there are another 25 suggested as queerish also-rans). Reuter elucidates the connections straight women and gay men find with so-called "chick flicks" of many eras (including Now Voyager, Thelma and Louise and Chicago), but as he reveals, a film can be homoerotic but utterly indecipherably so to a straight audience. Reuter's book isn't meant to be read as a film textbook, but as film context, and although the cutesy presentation can get tiresome if one reads from cover to cover, it's thoroughly successful for dipping into. With camp-classic quotes, lists of films to explore, short shticks on musicals and film themes, a trivia section, tips on planning an Oscar party and terrific photos throughout, Fabulous is definitely fabulous. B&w photos. (Feb.) Forecast: There's a ready market for this highly accessible text among gay and other film buffs, and it's just the thing for Oscar parties or simply a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy marathon. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

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